Real time monitoring РAndon

The Andon system allows the monitoring of production efficiency in line, in real time.

Unlike the OEE, it provides immediately visible data, through what is called Andon board, represented by a Led TV (with sizes that can range from 42″ to 65″ in general) installed along each line, clearly visible to everyone. What is displayed on this screen? Anyone in line can view the following information:

  • The production order being processed
  • The takt-time
  • The planned pieces
  • The produced pieces
  • The remaining pieces
  • The good pieces on the first try
  • The OEE percentage
Tabellone Andon

Andon board


The screen shown in the picture can display different colors having precise meanings:

The background is yellow when the number of items expected for current production is higher than one or two elements compared to the number of items produced. If the difference was higher, the background would be red. If the number of good pieces on the first try (Right first time) were less than the items produced, the background of this data would change from green to yellow or red if the difference between the two data was higher than the two units.

Tabelloni Andon

The different colors of the Andon board

The Andon board is one of the most important, common and useful elements of visual management that can be found within the production lines. For this it is necessary to contain only useful information, easy to be understood. In this case the color of the background immediately communicates a certain type of production trend, getting the attention of operators and managers. Certainly, the assigned managers will not need to go in line to view the Andon board: even for this software, a special view is provided for those who need to follow the production from their office.

The Andon in the field

The Andon system consists of a few hardware elements; therefore it is very simple to implement it.

  • Andon board (LED TV)
  • Touchscreen
  • Barcode reader
  • PLC (in automatic lines)
Il sistema Andon

The Andon system

We have already talked about the Andon board. The touch panel is the HMI, which means that is based on “Human Machine Interface“. Through the touch panel, the operator can report non-conformities, a stop and the start of the tool changeover.

Esempio schermata touch panel

Example of a touch panel screen

Using the barcode reader, the operator can count the produced pieces, thus updating the board screen in real time.

In the lines provided with PLC, this device will signal stops and count the pieces produced, instead of the operator.

The Andon system in the office

As already mentioned, also for the Andon system, as well as for the OEE, there are some views specifically designed for managers who need to follow the production from their office.

The plant manager will be able to view the same screens displayed on the Andon boards of each individual line. In addition to this you can have an overview of the progress of all lines, through the following screen.

Andon di tutte le linee di stabilimento

Efficiency of all plant lines

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