S-EWO Module

The S-EWO module, like EWO module, is one of the activities provided by companies that apply the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) methodologies. The name resemblance derives from the fact that, while EWO stands for Emergency Work Order, the prefix “S” stands for “Safety”, indicating the fact that this module is not dedicated to machines, but to people, or better, to workers security.

As for the machines, a module of this type is dedicated to accidents prevention, highlighting the possible causes of critical issues in terms of safety at work.

For example, through the S-EWO module a slippery step could be reported, or a shelf not well fixed to the wall and therefore risks falling on someone, etc…

S-EWO module: how does it works

The S-EWO module allows any operator, who has been equipped with an appropriate device (for example a tablet), to record, describe and document any situation considered a source of danger for the safety of work:

  • Accidents
  • potentially dangerous situations

This tablet will have access to the web application of the S-EWO module and will also work in off-line mode.

You can view the registered S-EWO modules via the home page of the web application.

Home page S-EWO module

Home page S-EWO module

The following screen shows the list of registered S-EWO modules. At the same time the name of the compiler, the registration date and the name of the person who will have to manage the solution of the registered problem situation is provided.

List of registered S-EWO modules

List of registered S-EWO modules

By clicking on one of the modules, you can access the description of the accident or the potentially dangerous situation reported. We will then provide an indication of the severity, the description (through the 5W + 1H system) and, if available, you will be able to view photos that will further describe the accident/situation.

The registration description of the S-EWO module

The registration description of the S-EWO module

Each module can be converted into a PDF format.

The PDF will contain all the information already viewed through the software interface: analysis of the 5W + 1H, parts of the body involved in the accident, etc.

The signature of the form’s compiler will also be present.

The PDF will also indicate the corrective action chosen and the signature of the manager and plant manager.

And finally, the photos uploaded in the form will also be available.

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