EWO Module

The EWO module is one of the activities provided by companies that apply the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) methodologies.

Through the EWO module, operators can report any event that requires maintenance work on the machines.

What are the benefits of this activity?

Those who use WCM are well aware that they can intervene immediately when the problem is not serious, avoiding a drastic intervention that will result in:

  • a higher cost of repair
  • a stop in production for the duration of the intervention.

The EWO module therefore allows immediate evidence of warnings and malfunctions and facilitates the work of the maintenance technician in searching for the root causes of the problem


EWO module: how it works

The NeXT EWO module allows operator interaction with a mobile device that can be a simple touch panel or a tablet. Being mobile is very important because this allows the operator not to depend on a fixed location to make his report. This device will have access to the web application of the EWO module and will also work in off-line mode.

We see below some interfaces.

You can view the registered EWO modules, via home page.

Modulo EWO di NeXT

Home page



The type of anomaly and the operation carried out can already be seen from the list of EWO modules.

List of EWO modules

List of EWO modules


From the list of EWO modules, you can also view the root causes.

The root causes

The root causes



Through this screen it will be possible to trace the root cause of the problem encountered and recorded.

Analysis of root cause

Analysis of root cause



By clicking on one of the modules (Order code) you will be able to access the description of the anomaly and of the intervention performed to solve it.

You will also have the opportunity to access a hand-made drawing, considered useful by the operator, in order to improve the description of the anomaly.

Finally, it will be possible to export all the information in PDF format.

Description of the anomaly

Description of the anomaly



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