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NeXT style



NeXT has a team of highly skilled software engineers with years of experience in different tech sectors.
Problem solving skills, analysis and software systems development.

Quick implementation times reduce direct and indirect costs, boosting ROI.

Research and innovation NeXT

Research and innovation

Research and innovation are essential points of reference and motivation at NeXT.

The very logic of our core business obliges us to consider both research and innovation as the elements that characterise our forma mentis and our modus operandi.

This is why we received the best business award for 2015 from the CNA Marche within the cluster for “Innovation and research”, as part of the “Marche eccellenti“ event.

Professionalism NeXT


The client is at the forefront of what we do, seeking to perceive and meet every needs, thanks above all to the ductile nature of our software and the technologies used.
A high level of know-how and solid application bases, allow us to guarantee that targets will be met.

Investment Next


With far lower investments compared to equivalent computer solutions, NeXT can guarantee services of excellent quality, thanks to optimised running costs, to correct and transparent financial set-up and a technology that is unique in this field.

Integration NeXT


From SAP to the most widespread ERP, from PLC to automation systems, our software is able to exchange information with any entity, bypassing the problems that closed systems bring with them, but at low costs and with excellent feedback.


Support NeXT


Expertise, courtesy, reliability, and immediate response: these are the characteristics that make NeXT professionals so outstanding. They are always able to provide you with the support you need, with careful attention to the client as an individual, installing confidence and trust in every interlocutor.


NeXT is a software house that produces and sells softwares developed to provide information and aggregate data to company management, supporting its operational decision making.

NeXT can guarantee excellent quality service, unique in the whole industry, thanks to agent-based technology programming.








Where to find us

Operational headquarter via Ancona 55/A 60030, Castelbellino (AN)

Registered office via Nazario Sauro 11/a 60035, Jesi (AN)

Tel: +39 0731696646

Fax: +39 0731690464

Email: info@mynext.it

VAT reg.: 02510420421









Project manager
Nicola Bergantino

Giampiero Giannoni

Lorenzo Bravi

Marina Minischetti



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