OEE calculation

The OEE calculation

What is OEE? It is the Overall Equipment Effectiveness acronym.

It lets you identify and quantify major production losses of production plants and monitor their efficiency.

The tool that NeXT uses to calculate the OEE is the IMPROVE software

It relates the actual production of a manufacturing plant with the theoretical output for which it was designed and built.

The difference between these two values represents the production loss in terms of:

  • RF = Availability (Time)
  • RV = Performance (Speed)
  • RQ = Quality

OEE value is returned simply multiplying the above indices, so: OEE = RF * RV * RQ

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RF = Availability (Time)

Given a defined period of time (Total Time), we remove the pauses scheduled getting the theoretical time available; by that we remove the micro-stops, faults and downtime, getting the Actual Time required for the process to carry out the production.

RF = Effective Production Time / Theoretical Availabile Production Time

RV = Performance (Speed)

During the actual time in which the machine is available, the actual production will be lower than the theoretical (dictated by the cycle times), due to delays and / or expectations.

RV = Effective Production / Theoretical Production

RQ = Quality

In production we use the real time to produce defective parts that the customer does not pay.

RQ = Good Production / Total Production

Examples of different scenarios

The examples below show how it is strategic to know the data in detail. In fact, compared to the same OEE value (71%) they can highlight several situations that will lead the company to different actions depending on the continuous improvement.

  • Plant almost always operating (2% downtime)
  • Real production close to theoretical
  • Very important quality problems







  • Many downtimes (25% of total time)
  • Real production close to theoretical
  • Quality OK







  • Some downtimes (10% of total time)
  • Some slowdowns
  • Relevant quality problems (7% rejects)








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