ProLED, which stands for “Progettazione Linee Elettriche di Distribuzione” (Design of power distribution lines) is a software created for the mechanical testing of medium- and low-voltage power lines in compliance with CEI-11-4-1998 and CEI-11-4-2011.

ProLED supports designers of power lines in the creation of new projects; it also makes it possible to check existing lines, assessing the suitability of parts present.

Height profile

Design of lines in a simil-CAD environment on web browser.
Possibility to export the project in DXF and PDF format, respecting the scale defined.


Details of spans to assess compliance with minimum distances from obstructions below.
Immediate view of the breach of minimum clearances, with marking of overhead lines in red.

Support info

Assessment of actions on the support arising from the line and surrounding area.
Automatic selection of the support according to the calculated action and the maximum loads that will be applied to same.


Line route seen from above, integrated with Google Maps (Google licence required).
Track export in vector format and DXF, with overlay on land register map.

Project creation

Project management in line with wind and ice areas, as required by standards.
Definition of general line attributes and the management means used.

Changes to supports

Possibility to change attributes of a support in terms of physical characteristics and supports.
Introduction of branch supports with the management of more than one branch.

ProLED Users…

ProLED software was purchased to develop the design of new power lines and reconstruction of existing lines more quickly and therefore, to optimise business; after a few months’ use, I can confirm that this has been an excellent purchase.

Specifically, the well-constructed graphic interface, and the guided workflow for design make it easy to complete a project, even for new designers.

It is also extremely easy to change the position of supports to adapt the project to suit the requests of landowners where power lines are in place; the project can be changed in just a few seconds!

We should also not underestimate the fact that technical assistance is always available to solve any problem as soon as it comes up.

Overall, I’d give it 10+!

Daniele Miolo

Geometra, Arcsystem

I can only compliment the package for its easy use; the versatility of ProLED software and calculation speeds.

I use the on-line configuration for our type of use, and if I have to give my opinion of the software in discretionary terms, I’d say it was very good.

Roberto Tusaccio

Ingegnere, Engineeringteam


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