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Main case history


Activities for VM Motori FCA Group:

  • Management of motors in the finishing department with pick to light
  • Check of plant AGV
  • Monitoring of motor shaft line efficiency
  • Traceability of motor shaft line

VM Motori FCA Group


Activities for Franke Group:

  • Andon monitoring on production lines.
  • Monitoring of OEE general efficiency.

These activities are designed for all the Franke Group’s plants in the world.

Gruppo Franke

Activities performed for Faber:

  • Andon monitoring on production lines.
  • Monitoring of OEE general efficiency.
  • Visual SOP
  • Quality control on vibration testing (Vibco)


Activities performed for Ariston Thermo:

  • Monitoring of OEE general efficiency.
  • WCM support through “just in time” manufacturing on production lines

Ariston Thermo

Activities performed for Elica:

  • Traceability of product units in all Italian and foreign plants.
  • Electrical test traceability
  • Quality control on vibration testing (Vibco)
  • Monitoring of OEE general efficiency
  • Visual SOP
  • Labels print management
  • Print inline product characteristics and packaging label
  • Generating energy label



Activities for Essity (ex SCA Hygiene Products):

  • Statistical Process Control (SPC).
  • Warehouse Management System.
  • Monitoring of customs and relevant chemical costs and power factors with regard to production.

Ordered and systematic data management“: the case history (pdf)



Activities for BMS Organic:

BMS Organic


Activities for Enel Distribuzione:

Creation of “ProLED“, software for the design and mechanical calculation for medium and low-voltage power lines.

Enel Distribuzione

NeXT clients


NeXT is a software house that produces and sells softwares developed to provide information and aggregate data to company management, supporting its operational decision making.

NeXT can guarantee excellent quality service, unique in the whole industry, thanks to agent-based technology programming.

Where to find us

Operational headquarter:via Ancona 55/A 60030, Castelbellino (AN)
Registered office: via Nazario Sauro 11/a 60035, Jesi (AN)
Administration: m.minischetti@mynext.it
Tel: +39 0731696646
Fax: +39 0731690464
VAT reg.: 02510420421

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