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IMPROVE implements SPC (Statistical Process Control) methods for complex production systems (chemical plants, paper mills, pharmaceuticals, etc.)

The natural variability of a process is its tendency, under normal conditions, to create situations/products other than the defined targets.

IMPROVE SPC has been created with the aim of preparing a series of processes and tools to allow the identification of WHEN and IF changes have intervened on the natural variability of the process, to eliminate or minimise the causes of undesired variations.


  • Configuration of the system and the parameters of the control cards and CIL modules.
  • Definition of raw materials and the associated costs for Cost/Use Analysis;
  • Creation of automatic or manual survey calendars, associated with sets of variables at the same sampling frequency.

Survey Calendar

The IMPROVE calendar provides a time flow for information, breaking down the surveys to be carried out according to sampling frequency.

Consultation of the calendar through daily, weekly and monthly views, showing the outcome of surveys performed..

Process modelling

  • General Component Model breakdown of the system into subsystems and parts.
  • Setting of control chart, associated to families of products.
  • Control-Chart x-R, P-Chart and advanced CUSUM, EWMA, EWMV and multi-variable cards MEWMA, T2.
  • Analysis of main components (PCA).

Data acquisition

Acquisition of findings can be carried out manually using the calendar, or it can be performed automatically, with integration into the SCADA systems in use.

Manual emission may be supported by importing data from external entities. Uncontrolled elements will be marked and must be justified.

Carte di controllo

  • Parametrizzazione delle carte di controllo.
  • Definizione di gruppi di variabili ed attributi di processo e relative frequenze di campionamento.
  • Impostazione di valori target, soglie di primo e secondo livello (in control, warning, alert).
  • Creazione di semplici modelli matematici basati su relazioni tra variabili.

Analisi capacità di processo

  • Analisi capacità di processo.
  • Calcolo dei coefficienti CP, CPK.
  • Valutazione della media e deviazione standard.
  • Archiviazione di conoscenza storica strutturata.
  • Valutazione dell’andamento di una variabile.
  • Analisi di correlazione attraverso grafico a dispersione o ad aree.
  • Visualizzazione in tempo reale.


NeXT is a software house that produces and sells softwares developed to provide information and aggregate data to company management, supporting its operational decision making.

NeXT can guarantee excellent quality service, unique in the whole industry, thanks to agent-based technology programming.







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