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IMPROVE serves to identify and trace the product and process with ERP system integration.

The unequivocal codes generated can be managed with 1D and 2D linear barcodes, QR codes or using RFID tags, assessing the pro and control cons of each one with the client.

Integration with the most common ERP systems is supplied out-of-the-box with IMPROVE.

Product identification is completed with the management and printout of the Energy Label for domestic appliances.

Product traceability

Each product unit is identified unequivocally through a serial number generated along the line.

The product is tracked throughout the production cycle. Real time screens identify each unit at all times.

All movements, production flows, sites in which a specific product has passed, are stored in the database of the IMPROVE system.

Energy Label Management

The IMPROVE TRACE module, allows inline printing of Energy Labels.

By monitoring production flows, IMPROVE gets to know the product being processed and will therefore always print the correct label.

Through the production order, it collects the product information needed to print out the Energy Label from the company ERP.

Inline printing

The product can be identified on the production line.

IMPROVE manages printouts and the automatic application of ID labels and characteristics directly in the production line.

Printing in line is a guarantee of correct info and traceability.

The product creation occurs at the same time as the creation/association of its serial number.

Product Information

IMPROVE can control its own register of details and calculate some indices, such as EEI (Energy Efficiency Index), AEC (Annual Electric Cons), GFE (Grease Filtering Efficiency), etc., then calculating the energy class for the product.

As well as the Energy Label, it is possible to print the Product Information Requirements along the line.

The necessary details are acquired by the product register of the ERP.

Energy Label

European Directives (European Directive (2010/30/CE) set out the need to define the energy efficiency characteristics for domestic appliances and stating this information on an Energy Label.

This label points out the energy class of the product, drawn up using the standard indices envisaged in current regulations.



Every movement, every single product unit, flaw or production stoppage will be stored in the Data-Warehouse of IMPROVE.

Special graphic pages, which can be accessed from a browser, can be used to analyse data in the form of Pareto Chart, Stacked Pareto Chart, Line Chart, Tables.


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