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NeXT is the result of twenty years of experience by a team of software engineers who have always worked with, used, and created high-tech software you can count on.

NeXT is a software house producing and selling software systems focused on monitoring processes and management of data, above all in industrial environments (IMPROVE).

The know-how and experience of the staff at Next srl, when it comes to designing applications in different goods sectors and the use of high-productivity individual methods, make it possible to propose competitive verticalised solutions to computer-based problems of different types, where Next Srl can become the “main contractor” for articulated projects and follow through on development, from checking requirements to commissioning.


NeXT mainly intervenes in industrial areas, developing applications that fall within the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software class, aimed at monitoring and improving production performance and at optimising resource consumption.

With our applications we can track products and processes, providing support to WCM (World Class Manufacturing) methods, taking care of just in time supply (Kanban), calculating performance in line (Andon), monitoring OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), carrying out statistical process checks (controls/audits) (SPC), warehouse management system, and quality audits on the detection of vibration and noise levels.

NeXT has also developed the ProLED application for Enel Distribuzione, for the design and mechanical checking of low and medium voltage power lines.


The application systems developed by NeXT are based on cutting-edge Agent technology. Every software module is created as an agent, developed to pursue its aim.

The user interfaces are graphically pleasing and highly ergonomic. Web potential has made it possible to integrate functional and sleek graphic tools.

NeXT technology is integrated into open-source environments to allow the implementation of complex, reliable systems, while optimising resources.

Next systems are created on Linux operating systems; the relational database is PostgreSql, and the Web-Server is Apache2.

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NeXT is a software house that produces and sells softwares developed to provide information and aggregate data to company management, supporting its operational decision making.

NeXT can guarantee excellent quality service, unique in the whole industry, thanks to agent-based technology programming.







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Registered office via Nazario Sauro 11/a 60035, Jesi (AN)

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