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Who is Next

Who is NeXT

Next wants to be a vector of digitalization for any industrial reality.

And by doing so, it also wants to carve out an increasingly significant role in building a sustainable, greener world.
The digitalization of all business processes, especially those related to the manufacturing sector, may be the key to winning the most important challenge for future generations.

Digitalizing also enables the creation of an agile and continuous flow of communication and sharing.
Between whom?
Everyone: processes, machines, operators, suppliers, customers…

Why NeXT

“There are two special days in everyone’s life: the one where we were born and the one where we discover why” – William Barclay



No waste

Change of perspective

Change of perspective

From product to solution

Agile method

Agile method

Lean Software Development

Ui & Ux Design

Ui & Ux Design

Customer Centered design

Agent technology

Agent technology

An ecosystem for AI agents

Industry 4.0


IMPROVE is the framework developed by NeXT for the manufacturing field and it was given birth with the purpose of obtaining total digitization of all the industrial processes: starting from production to maintenance to logistics to security to quality control, relying on advanced technology, visual management tools and a surgically effective user experience.


















Total digitalization

All the industrial processes on your device

Business Intelligence

KPI gathering and analysis

Artificial intelligence

Agent programming and A.I.

Visual Management

Ad-Hoc reports for decision makers

Case studies

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, but being able to work together is success” – Henry Ford

The automotive sector is one of the first sectors with which Next has ventured since the beginning of its activity..

The production process in this sector involves multiple phases.

The Next experience can be explained through the following 4 macro-items:

  • product traceability
  • production sequencing
  • component kit procurement management
  • engine assembly support


Click here to learn more about the case study on the Automotive sector.

The household appliance is the sector where Next certainly has the most experience.

The most requested features in this sector are:

  • Monitoring of production efficiency
  • Quality control
  • Raw material procurement and logistics
  • Product and process traceability
  • Maintenance management
  • Label printing (energy label, product fiche)
  • Factory 4.0 projects

Click here to learn more about the case study on the household appliance sector.

Fashion is a particular sector… or at least so it is perceived by those who belong to it.

The truth is that each sector has its own peculiarities: the challenge is to be able to find the most suitable modus operandi to bring the opportunities provided by the Smart Factory everywhere.

The needs in this sector can be summarized in these 4 macro-items:

  • products traceability
  • efficiency monitoring(OEE, OPE)
  • quality control
  • logistics management
  • last but not least, graphic interfaces user friendly, in line with the corporate image

Click here to learn more about the case study on the Fashion sector.

The Food industry is a sector that presents specific complexities, which are, however, common to other sectors such as Pharmaceuticals or Paper, for example.

What these sectors have in common is the detailed monitoring of every phase of the process and, above all, the quantity of “ingredients,” which means ensuring compliance with the standard recipes that create that food, medicine, or type of paper.

Our case study in the food industry can be summarized by the following requirements we had to address:

  • Efficiency Monitoring
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Item Weighing
  • Maintenance Management
  • Factory 4.0 Interconnections Project

Clicca qui per approfondire il case study sul settore Food.

World Class Manufacturing (WCM) is a management philosophy that focuses its orientation exclusively on the customer.

It is based on 2 fundamental approaches:

  1. pull logic
  2. continuous flow production and short lead times


The objectives are also twofold:

  1. Improvement of quality
  2. Elimination of waste


Click here to learn more about the WCM case study


ProLED is an IT system developed with the final purpose of executing design and mechanical verification of low and middle tension electric lines in accordance with the CEI-11-4-1998 and CEI EN 50341-2-13 regulations.

Route of the beaten points

Route import (ASCII,dxf,shape file) traceability of the points straight from Google Maps

Line Verification

Distance and resistance verification for all the line supports

Line Connection

Conduction of the conduction facilities: cables, naked conductors and optical fiber

Project Output

Stringing tables, support list, project print, other exportations

NeXT…in figures

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we operate

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Production lines
handled by IMPROVE

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Our People

“If you take care of your employees, they’ll take care of your customers” – Richard Branson

We work with…

“You can’t just ask the customers what they want and then try to give it to them. They’ll want something new as soon as your product is ready” – Steve Jobs


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