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The company

NeXT is a software house that has been working for years with a view to lean production and continuous improvement.
Over time, this working approach has naturally developed into the Factory 4.0 concept and the Internet of Things (IoT): the integration of objects of any type into a universal digital network.
The way in which we relate to customers, follows a policy of Customer-Centered Design: the customer has all of our attention, from design – focusing on satisfying specific needs – through to the finished job and with 24h support.

The best software solutions for your needs.

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NeXT mainly works in industry::

NeXT’s leading products are IMPROVE 4.0 and Vibco.

Customized solutions in a lean and WCM perspective.

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Outside the industrial sector, NeXT has established a very strong collaboration with Enel Distribuzione.

It has done so with a software package, ProLED, the acronym for “Progettazione Linee Elettriche di Distribuzione” (Design of power distribution lines). This is a computer-based system created for design and mechanical checks of low and medium-voltage power lines, in conformity with the standards CEI-11-4-1998 and CEI-11-4-2011.

ProLED, our software for designers of power lines.

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About us

NeXT is a young company. We are guided by a great passion that has led us to develop an extremely advanced computer-based technology, which is the subject of scientific research, a cutting-edge paradigm for programming, agent-orientated programming.”.

Our solutions


Your production processes,
from a better point of view

  • OEE calculation (plant efficiency)
  • Andon
  • SPC (Statistic Process Control)
  • Product unit traceability
  • WMS (Warehouse Management System)
  • Just in time supply (Kanban)
  • Pick-to-light / Put-to-light
  • Real-time monitoring of power consumption


Quality analysis based on vibration and noise detection

  • Model configuration
  • Test analysis
  • Test list
  • Test comparisons
  • Out of control
  • Product analysis


Design and mechanical testing of power lines

  • Height profile
  • Route
  • Crossings
  • Project creation
  • Support info
  • Changes to supports

NeXT… in figures

Countries where we work

Plants using IMPROVE

Lines monitored by IMPROVE

Case history

The paper mill is a complex system in which it is necessary to manage hundreds of variables that need to be related to one another

Valeria Guzzardi

Process technician at Essity, Altopascio plant (Lu)., SCA Hygiene Products

Essity (ex SCA Hygiene Products) needed to set up a structured monitoring system for the whole process, from paper production through to product traceability, also for converting and stock, and through to shipping, with the aim of creating data flows that make it possible to reconstruct the whole history of the production process for each pallet, roll or individual product, also including the raw materials used, such as cellulose and chemicals.

Below are some publications about our experience with Essity and the paper industry in general::

Extract of the article in issue 5, year 24 (October 2013) of Carta e Cartiere
Publication in international paper industry publication, Paper Industry World (ita)
Italian review for the Paper Industry in the October issue presented to the MIAC


NeXT is a software house that produces and sells softwares developed to provide information and aggregate data to company management, supporting its operational decision making.

NeXT can guarantee excellent quality service, unique in the whole industry, thanks to agent-based technology programming.

Where to find us

Operational headquarter:via Ancona 55/A 60030, Castelbellino (AN)
Registered office: via Nazario Sauro 11/a 60035, Jesi (AN)
Tel: +39 0731696646
Fax: +39 0731690464
VAT reg.: 02510420421


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Nicola Bergantino

Giampiero Giannoni
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