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Machine Ledger.
The Maintenance 4.0

Machine Ledger 4.0 comes from the World Class Manufacturing methodology,
the best tool, now web-based, to manage, in a single environment,
all kinds of maintenance:
from reactive to preventive.. from autonomous to professional

Up to predictive maintenance.

Machine Ledger 4.0:
the software that didn’t exist

Configure every single component of the machine.
Schedule preventive maintenance activities.
Collect KPIs and build models for predictive maintenance.

Content Management

Fully digitalized management of maintenance. No more excel files, but an integrated and web based solution.

Data Management

The Machine Ledger can manage all kind of maintenance, of every single component of the machine: the output generates key KPIs for continuous improvement.

People Management

The Machine Ledger coordinates the work of machine operators, maintenance technicians and the maintenance manager

Cost Management

The Machine Ledger allows to know the exact cost of maintenance activities. Thanks to a constant monitoring is it possible to understand how much waste is eliminated

Beyond the reactive maintenance

The rise of a breakdown is the signal of unefficient maintenance handling.
Our final goal is to entirely remove these kinds of events.


TBM Maintenance

Time Based Maintenance

The component gets substituted on a specific time bases. This lapse is defined depending on the machine supplier.

HBM Maintenance

Hit Based Maintenance

The component gets substituted just after a certain amount of events (hits or cycles).

As soon as that number is reached, it will automatically scheduled an intervention inside the Machine Ledger calendar.

In that way we only consider the effective work of the machine.

CBM Maintenance

Conditional Based Maintenance

The user can control the thresholds and the limits of multiple variables through the Statistic Process Control.

An event will be scheduled in the Machine Ledger calendar as soon as one o more conditions of the variables goes out of control.

The CBM maintenance can be enhanced by the AI and by Machine Learning models defining a new level of predictive maintenance.

Ready to… keep working?

Acquisition and analysis of KPIs

The Machine Ledger is a large data collector, through which every intervention, scheduled or not, the time dedicated to the activity, the solutions adopted, are collected. The goals are: zero waste and continuous improvement.

A Cloud platform to connect effectively with the machine supplier

The platform is accessible both by the customer and by the machine supplier, in order to optimize maintenance management.

The supplier will easily configure the machine and every single component.

The customer will simply have to import what is configured by the supplier (machine BOM and Machine Ledger).

Managing maintenance has never been so simple and effective

Start the process of digitizing maintenance management.

Make maintenance in line with Industry 4.0 paradigms.

Think big.
Think NeXT.

"Be like the gardeners, invest your energy and talents in such a way that whatever you do will last a lifetime or even longer."

– Sergio Marchionne

Ready to… keep working?

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