We can say that those two concepts meet in NeXT. More precisely in our logo

The green and blue, as the “green” and digital.

Next - digitale e sostinibilità

Next – digitale e sostenibilità


The plan Next Generation EU testifies the sinergy between green economy and digitalization, setting the bases for a double transition, both ecologic and digital.

The moment is favorable, because a reversal of direction is absolutely necessary and the key players that make up our society are convinced of this: governments (as evidenced by policies at the international, European and national levels), businesses, financial institutions and, last but not least, citizens.

In the current National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRPr), a specific section is dedicated to the theme of ecological transition.

A survey of companies in the Italian manufacturing system, “Sustainable Innovation and Organizational Performance: beyond anecdotal evidence“, by LIUC – Università Cattaneo in collaboration with the University of Bologna and Tno-Strategic Analysis and Policy, has established that being sustainable pays off.

This is for the following reasons

  • companies that begin a process of change aimed at optimizing processes and containing consumption are more attractive in the eyes of consumers and more reliable with suppliers.
  • the improvement of production processes has a positive and perhaps unexpected effect on other factors such as
    • reduction in accidents
    • reduction of occupational diseases


This general improvement in the working environment also leads to an increase in staff productivity and therefore also to a reduction in absenteeism.

On the other hand, as far as the digital transition is concerned, the period of the Covid pandemic has highlighted all the potential of this theme, highlighting how the digitalization of all processes can be a fundamental trigger for the growth and competitiveness of all sectors, as well as one of the implementing factors of the other transition, the ecological one.


Green and digital solutions: two sides of the same coin.

Innovation and sustainability are two values that now go hand in hand. Today, innovation must necessarily be sustainable and it is difficult to imagine green solutions that do not have to do in some way with digitalization, thus avoiding the consumption of material resources, precious for the Earth’s balance.

In the document “New Industrial Strategy for Europe 2021”, this concept is confirmed, highlighting how the dual ecological and digital transition will affect the economy, society and industry in every aspect.


The benefits of the dual transition, digital and ecological

The digital transition operates on several levels.

On the one hand, it makes energy-saving goals easier and more achievable through smarter green efficiency programs; on the other, it improves the customer experience, which can extend its control over many more steps in the process.

It is also able to create shared “digital” spaces in the cloud, using the technologies we are used to using every day such as apps, smartphones, notifications, etc., creating the trigger for the use of a large amount of data and encouraging the sharing and structuring and therefore a better exploitation.

And this is where Artificial Intelligence and deep learning can also come into play.


Next and its solutions. Blue and green

Next’s mission is to work towards a total digital transition that leads to deep insight into performance, and helps decision makers achieve continuous improvement goals.

Next wants to be the best choice of those who want to be more competitive. The reasons?

  • Advanced technology: agent-based programming, a paradigm particularly suited for developing deep learning models.
  • Experience: NeXT systems are installed in dozens of industrial sites around the world: stability, reliability and sustainability have therefore been widely confirmed.
  • Working method: Next adopts Lean Software Development. An organizational method that keeps our team in constant contact with the customer and its feedback, throughout the entire project process.
  • Green vision: NeXT is a supporter of all actions and practices that contribute to generating virtuous effects on the environment. It does so by starting small, producing the energy it needs through the use of photovoltaic panels, and it does so through its own systems that help its clients eliminate waste and reduce energy consumption.


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