This edition of MECSPE will be useful for us to show the most advanced software solutions in the industrial sector.

Obviously, the Hall that will host our stand will be the Digital Factory one (Hall 21). You can find us at C91, just in front of one of the entrances.


MECSPE 2022 - Padiglione 21 - stand C91

MECSPE 2022 – Padiglione 21 – stand C91


What’s new in this edition?

Le novità di questa edizione sono diverse e, come sempre, assecondano le esigenze più urgenti delle aziende che vogliono rimanere competitive in un mondo che evolve sempre più rapidamente.

Next, in fiera porterà, due temi:

  • Un approccio
  • Un prodotto

L’approccio è il risultato dell’environment che il nostro framework, IMPROVE 4.0, inevitabilmente finisce per creare presso le aziende che lo stanno utilizzando: quest’approccio è quello che chiamiamo Data driven.

Il prodotto, è un’app: l’OEE mobile. Abbiamo voluto realizzare questo “software tascabile” con grande cura, non accontentandoci di creare una “versione mobile” di ciò che già esisteva nella nostra super collaudata soluzione web-based: sarebbe stato molto più semplice e l’avremmo presentata molto tempo fa… ma questo non sarebbe stato all’altezza dei prestigiosi nomi con cui siamo abituati a collaborare e che utilizzano da tempo le nostre soluzioni software, in primis, proprio l’OEE.


IMPROVE 4.0 and the data driven approach




IMPROVE 4.0 is a framework created entirely by Next using a very advanced programming paradigm named agent programming, the same one particularly suitable for developing Artificial Intelligence solutions.

IMPROVE 4.0 operates at different levels and at different stages of the famous value chain: production, maintenance, quality control, consumption control, logistics… and last but not least security.

Each stage of this chain generates value for the end user and therefore for the company. How? By reducing waste.

Waste is hidden behind every part of this flow and the data acquired, sampled, transformed and finally analyzed, tell us perfectly where it resides, i.e., they direct the company’s choices and investments towards a more effective and therefore continuous improvement.

In fact, waste is also a misplaced or overgeneralized investment: a data driven approach guarantees you surgical precision.

But there is still more.

Right now, as never before, it’s important to fuel research and development. Whoever stops is lost. But the fear of companies and decision makers is always the same: are we going in the right direction?

Data, if well-structured and analyzed, helps us precisely in this, in freeing up energy for research and development, while reducing the risk of error.


Mobile OEE

OEE mobile

OEE mobile


Mobile OEE is a strategic added value compared to traditional OEE used on production lines or in plant manager’s offices.

In fact, it is not simply an alternative way of viewing data, but a complete product that includes.

  • Real-time KPIs: machine availability, process performance and scrap quantity
  • Causes of machine downtime and scraps
  • Short and medium term OEE
  • Analysis of causes of downtime and scrap
  • Extreme customization of the user experience thanks to the use of filters and bookmarks.


This solution can be tested, on smartphones and tablets, directly at the fair, at our stand that, we remind you, is located in Hall 21, stand C91.

Of course, you are all warmly invited to visit us, as we will be happy to welcome you in the best possible way and to discuss with you what we can concretely do to help your company.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!


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